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Jody’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Mar 2013

Location: Cancun, Mexico

MapRest of Cancun:

The last couple of days have been spent shopping swimming, eating drinking. Of note is Madonnaís which is a restaurant in the la isla shopping center, it was amazing Italian food and they have a cocktail list of over 200 martiniís. I tried the apple and rose, and Luke had the lychee or as the Mexicans pronounce its leachy. Excellent all round! We didnít buy much at the shopping center just a few souvenirs and then watched the sun set over the river next to a very popular boat to get a photograph with.

We also visited the Myan museum which was right outside our hotel and was quite good they have small myan pyramids and lots and lots of scary lizards. One which Luke made me walk over! I didnít realized that the scary lizard attack of 2006 had given me a fear of big lizards but there we go, it came out, I had a lot of trouble walking past it but I did it.