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Jody’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Mar 2013

Location: Chitzen Itza, Mexico

MapChitzen itza

Today we went on a all day bus tour to Chitzen Itza , it started at 7am hotel pick up and a two hour drive out to the site. It was a pleasant drive with Luke and I scoring a back seat of four to ourselves with a table in the middle. Out the widow was plenty of eagles to watch as they fly around looking for prey.

We got the area about 10am and realized how huge it is! It would take days to cover it all so we only covered a small portion of the area. I think it was about 200 acres but donít quote me on that. The most important was a huge pyramid with another pyramid inside it. Apparently until the late 90s you could climb them and go inside but they realized that was destroying them so they stopped.

Our guide Filipay was very knowledgeable and likable. It was a very interesting experience. At a certain spot on the main pyramid you can clap your hands and it makes sound wave vibrations back to you that sound like a bird from south America.

The chitzen itza sight was just so magical, its about 10 degrees hotter than Cancun which put it at about 37 degrees that day. Clear skyís in the jungle. We saw a lot of massive lizards again as well as some blue parrots.

After the site we went to lunch in the town then went through and got some handicrafts, we got our names in silver using the myan letters to help fun the preservation of the language.

After that the tour took us to a Cenote. Under most of the yucktan area are underground rivers. A Cenote is a hole that provides access to the water that the people drink from but in more recent times let tourist swim in.

This particular one had stairs going down to the water and black blind fish in it. Vines hung down into the water that was 70meters deep. It was absolutely beautiful to swim in about 24 degrees (which was cold for Americans) but lovely for us and the view up through the cave hole to the sky was awesome. It was like swimming in a rainforest pool I really felt like I was connecting with nature while there.

Then for the drive back aided by the Coronas being handed out the trip didnít take very long to get back. Later that night we went back across the road to the captains table restaurant (I failed to spot the crocodiles again). That night I had crazy psychedelic dreams about the pyramid.

The visit to Chitzen Itza was a goal ticked off my bucket list, itís a very special place that I can only hope I am lucky enough to get to visit again.