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Jody’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013

Location: Sanata Monica , USA

MapDay 8 -Travel to LA
Today we have to leave NYC to fly 6 hours to LA. We are both super sad to be leaving we didnít speak most of the way to the airport. And we almost missed our flight (note US flights depart half an hour before the time on the ticket). It was mostly because I was in a shop buying suit cases but also because Luke was having another allergy attack and we had to make the call if it was going down or not and if we should risk getting on a plane without medical supplies. In the end we ran to the flight and they let us on (Just).

We go tot LA and after an incident with a rude cab driver got to our hotel Cal Mar Hotel Suites in Santa Monica. There is a time difference of three hours back so we arrived and went for a walk around had an early diner at a Greek restaurant and went down to the Santa Monica Pier thatís just a few blocks away. We are in a great spot just two bocks from the ocean and although the décor of the hotel is old itís a full one-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and everything so that was a nice surprise. We have stocked up from wholefoods and had a early night.