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Jody’s Travel Diary

Friday, 15 Mar 2013

Location: NYC, USA

MapDay 4 Ė Empire state kind of mind

Luke wasnít feeling well so we stayed in the apartment until later than usual, we havenít been leaving particularly early anyway because itís so cold. But at about 3pm he decided he was okay to go out. We went to Union Square to have a look around we got some hot apple cider there was dogs everywhere and we finally got to go to a whole foods supermarket.

Whole food market is a health food super market that puts about life to shame, it makes me sad that we donít have anything like this in Sydney itís the only American chain I want to come to Australia. There is so much health food here its really about choice you can either eat super healthy or super bad but its your choice because its all here. There are multiple Komcucha brands in every corner store as well as raw juices. Itís quite humbling. Last night I searched for delivery and there are 75 vegetarian restaurants in NYC and 35 could have delivered to me! In Sydney we have 3 and 1 delvers I guess this is why people live here, so much stuff is open 24 hours a day anything you want for can be delivered its just super convenient.

After that I got a bite to eat at a place called cosi, it was a weird mix of toasted marshmallows and stone backed oven pizza and headed over to the empire state building. The line wasnít long at all which was nice and they sold popcorn! I havenít seen the movies that feature the empire state building so I wasnít really prepared for the fact that its all outdoors like the Eifel tower and therefore very cold. Great view though and after that we went for a walk around the block to see what was around.

Thatís when we found Macyís. the first thing I like about macyís is their logo, itís a red star. They we went itÖ. OMG so we originally went looking for LAMB shoes which we found a very small selection of. One of my other shopping goals was to get a new trench coat to make me feel a little bit better about coming home to winter in Sydney, lets just say mission accomplished times three. Brands like Kelvin Client and DKNY are just moderate brands in the states, at home they are high end. It doesnít make sense really.

That evening we decided to go on a dumpling hunt to China Town. We found a place that was okay but nothing so far has compared to Din Thai fun.