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Jody’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Mar 2013

Location: NYC, USA

MapDay 3 – Shopping in SOHO

Today was a better temperature (ether that or we got acclimatized) about 5 degrees. We rugged up in our thermals and explored our local area. We are staying in Greenwich village which is right near Soho. On the way I got a snack from Bens famous pizza it was just a plain Sicilian style mozzarella but it was the best pizza I have ever had apart from in Rome! Luke could also eat it as the cheese was just one big piece that could be picked off.

The neighborhood is full of organic and vegetarian restaurants its uber trendy and there is a little tea house 5 doors down from our street. On the way through Soho we also came across a shop called house of horology, it was a little shop full of art and vintage watches started by the Son of jewelry who thought vintage watches shouldn’t cost the earth. Luke found this great blue world watch, which was instantly his.

As we headed up the main street of Soho towards UNI QLO we bumped into Edita! She had just had here hair cut and was looking fabulous decked out in her new items. She headed off to meet Greg and we found Uni Qlo, a shop which put cotton on to shame, lots of awesome basics singlet’s cardigan’s etc. Luke went mad and spent about $300 I also went made and spent about $250 but I got 14 items so it averaged out to about $20 a piece. We have been wearing the clothes as layers on the trip ever since because its so cold, great clothes.

After that we spent the day looking around shopping grabbing lunch at a café, most notable shops were a designer chocolate Easter bunny shop, and a shop that had crystals and skeletons of animals, it was really weird.

Later we went back to the apartment and ordered bens pizza, which was followed with Luke being very sick all night long.