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Jody’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Mar 2013

Location: NYC, USA

MapDay 2 First impressions

on first impressions NYC is one gritty dirty city. The trash lays on the side walk in bags (no wheelie bins here). The subway literally has stalicmightís growing of rust from the roof of some stations. Its definitely a concrete jungle with hardly a tree or grass in site.

Space is such a valuable asset in this city, I feel like a giant because I keep bumping into stuff because the isles I the shops are so tight. It might be because we just came from the honeymoon site but our apartment is tiny! Itís a studio but it canít be anymore than 10m squared and that might be generous.

We started our day by walking through Washington park to the metro, we went to 30 rock and times square. Its was drizzling rain and very cold -1 degrees.

To be honest I wasnít having a particularly great time I donít take the cold very well and all the activity seemed to be outdoors in the cold rain. We bought two umbrellas which broke about 20mins later in the wind.

We went to Barnyís and a few other very expensive department stores and Lukeís watch shop in the upper east side it seems you need to be a billionaire to live up here. We pocked our head into central park and saw a squirrel but it was super cold so we didnít last long.

We walked along Broadway to see if we could get tickets to any of the shows they were all sold out. So we headed back to the village area we are staying and found somewhere to eat.