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Kilina’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Jun 2007

Location: Quito, Ecuador

MapHi everyone,

I arrived safely in Quito yesterday afternoon (local time). Although at first there wasn´t anyone at the airport to meet me (and I tried not to have a panick attack!), I hung around for a while and after about 20/30 mins happened to turn round and see this guy standing next to me, who looks at me, holds up a piece of paper and there´s my name written on it! Phew! His introduced himself as Ronald, and I found out he´s a 24yo student, who´s actually off to Mexico on Thursday to also take part in an IAESTE exchange programme, and his family have very kindly offered to put me up for four nights, before I leave for Tierra del Volcan. After dropping my bags off at his house and meeting his family - who were really warm and welcoming - we went out to meet up with a few of Ronald´s friends: 3 Ecuatorian friends, and 3 other international students, who are either here visiting or also on the IAESTE programme: Mia, a Finnish girl, Marten, who´s Dutch and is only here for about a month, and a Danish guy whose name I´ve forgotten. We all went out for dinner and a chat, and they all seem incredibly friendly, especially the Ecuatorians. Ronald drove me home after dinner cos I was feeling knackered after the plane ride, plus was feeling slightly dizzy (maybe cos of the altitude... Quito´s 2800m high). I had a really good night´s sleep, and have taken it easy today, checking out local mobile phone deals, calling home, internet-ing (if that´s even a word!)... Am possibly meeting up with Andrea (the girl who organises IAESTE programmes here in Ecuador) later on, and might head into the historical centre tomorrow morning with Marten. Will keep you updated.

Lots of love to all xxx