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Kilina’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 26 Jun 2007

Location: Q"uito

MapHi everyone,

just a quick message cos ´the internet´s quite expensive here. Had a great first day, and met up with Andrea - the girl organising IAESTE here - in the evening, along with Martern, the Dutch guy, Vicky and Wendy, the Ecuadorian girls, Christine, a Swiss girl, who´s also on an IAESTE internship, and Megan, from Michigan, who´s studying at the University of Quito for a couple of months. We all went to have dinner in a gorgeous little Greek restaurant up on a mountainside overlooking Qutio - the view was absolutely stunning... Will try and upload pics at some point.

This morning Christine and I had to register our Visas in the Oficina de Extranjeria, and now we´re both gonna head down to thehistorical centre along with Marten, to do some site seeing. Will tell you more tomorrow

Love xx