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Kilina’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Jul 2007

Location: Machachi, Ecuador

MapHey again,

Gosh, so much to write about and I don't know where to start... I0m having such an amazing time up here, it's incredble. I think I'm falling in love with this place. I love the local people, I love how everybody knows each other here, and everyone seems to be interrelated... Like one big family. It feels very safe up here, and I love the relaxed country way of life.

Axel and I have been getting on really well. I couldn't have wished for a better work companion. He's an incredibly interesting, motivated, upbeat guy.... And it's great to have someone to travel around wth (not that we've done much travellnig yet, but I couldn't have imagined going to the Fiestas de Machachi without him... I guess one feels much safer when you're wth someone else, especially with a guy). We've had a little bit of trouble up at the Hacienda with our tasks - it seems to be a typical Ecuatorian trait for people to change their mind every two seconds, so it's never very clear what exactly is expected of us... And Roberto is one of the hardest guys to work with - he seems to change mood as often as he does underwear, but we're learning to cope with it. We've been working a bit on the trails, but apart from that we're mostly kept busy at the Hacienda, helping out with clients, preparing food, and general house chores (which can be very tedious at times, especially cos we sometime work up to 15 hours a day). But I'm enjoyng working at a touristic place, cos it can be really interesting meeting new people every few days.

Axel and I came down to Machachi to the Fiestas del Chagra last weekend... And had SUCH an amazing time! One of the best fiestas I've ever been to! Too much to teel over here, but 'm going to try uploading a few photos (finally!) for you to check out).

IAESTE is organising a trip to the Amazon rainforest this weekend, which Axel and I have signed up to do, so I'm really excited about that! We have to leave to go up to Quito on Thurs ever, to leave that night. I'll obviously let you know all about it when we return.

I'm afraid that's all for now - I don't want to keep Axel waiting too long.

Lots of love,

Kilina xxx