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Kilina’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Sep 2007

Location: Canoa, Ecuador

MapHey everyone again,

After 22 hours of travelling by bus (including a 2hour wait in Vilcabamba, another two hours in Loja, 1/2hour in Guayaquil where we changed buses at 6am, and another 1/2wait in Puerto Viejo, and a painstaking final 1/2 on the bus where I got chatted up by an 80+ yo man, who insisted I was the prettiest girl ever, repeating how much he loved my nose and ended up asking me to marry him...!) we finally arrived at 2pm in Canoa, a gorgeous little seaside village. We found a hostal we'd been recommended, called Hostal Bambu, which is right on the beach at the end of town. We were given a cute little bungalow-style hut, obviously made from bamboo, which is just big enough to fit two beds, mosquitoe nets, our two large backpacks, and ourselves... And is also on the beach, so we have sand for a floor, which makes it all the more authentic! After dumping our stuff, we headed out to find something for lunch (we were ravenous after not having had a proper breakfast other than a snack or two sold to us on the bus), then went back to the hostal at 4ish, where I fell asleep whilst reading, and woke up again at 8.30pm... Axel was also asleep in the bed next to mine, so I headed out to have a stretch and stopped off at the bar for a crepe and a chat with the barman, before heading back to bed at 10pm and sleeping all the way through till this morning... That's how exhausted we were! We're gonna have a relaxed day - read, sleep, read and sleep some more, and maybe venture out for a walk along the beach if we feel up for it... It's a gorgeous place here, but to our disappointment the weather's quite stormy and it's quite overcast - apparently it's the time of year (the weather's better here around Dec, Jan, Feb), so it's not as hot and tropical as we'd imagined. But it's still really warm and humid (I got to wear my skirt for the first time yesterday!) and it's a really pretty, relaxed place to be, so we're really happy we came here. And it's great to see YET another part of Ecuador... Seriously, this country has EVERYTHING (beach, mountains, rainforest, sun, snow...) and it's only the size of England! No wonder I'm in love with it.

We're planning on spending another night and day here, just relaxing, and getting the bus back to Quito tomorrow (Thursday) night, in order to be there Friday morning. Then we're hoping to go to some natural thermal baths in a place called Papallacta (about 1 hour or so southeast from Quito) during the day, spend the night in Quito, and go to Otavalo market (north of Quito, apparently the biggest indigenous market in S America) on Saturday morning. Then we're thinking of going to Mindo (a beautiful biodiverse cloudforest northwest of Quito) for a couple of days (probably Sun-Tues) and then head back to the Hacienda for my last day to say our final goodbyes, leave a few gifts behind and pick up our bags) before I fly home on Thursday 20th... Boo hoo! Although there are loads of things I'm happy to go back to, it's gonna be SO HARD to say goodbye to everyone and leave this country. Still, as they say, all good things come to an end, don't they? I'm just grateful for the AMAZING time I've had here, and will begin planning a return trip as soon as I arrive home!

Loadsa love to everyone,

K xxx