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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Nov 2007

Location: England

MapWe decided to go and see another college, so we walked into Oxford. The idea was to see Hertford, but as that was closed to visitors we wandered around the streets trying to find one that was open. The fourth college we tried – Exeter - we finally got lucky. We went in and had a little look around. The chapel was very ‘chapely’ and there was a choir practising in there. It looked as though the Fellow’s Garden should have been lovely, but we couldn’t find the entrance to it.

In the evening we drove to the other side of Oxford to a bonfire and fireworks display. The fireworks started a little late but were spectacular. Ali thought the British had improved their unfortunate tendency to send fireworks up one at a time to make them last longer … though it would still have been better if they had thrown a few more up at one time. They did use the ‘have a flare on the end of a long stick to light the massive firework fuze technique’ – none of that electrical ignition rubbish here. After the fireworks had finished they lit a gigantic bonfire, but the barriers kept everyone about 200m away from it. Blimmin’ Health & Safety … the whole point of the bonfire is so we can huddle around it in the freezing cold November night-time.