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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 09 Nov 2010

Location: Malta

MapCaught the bus to Valetta. Walked through the city to the National War Museum - which was closed last time we were here. It holds the George Cross awarded to all of Malta during WWII, along with Faith, one of the three Gloucester Gladiator planes that originally defended Malta in WWII.

Afterwards we popped in to the Casa Rocca Piccolo but as it was half an hour until the next tour we popped up to the street to buy lunch from a bakery and eat it outside the Grand Master’s Palace (which we saw last time we were in Malta). Then we went on the tour at Casa Rocca Piccolo, which is an elegant palazzo which used to belong to one of the St John Knights before they got ousted from Malta by Napoleon and his troops.

Ali then dragged Jase (kicking and screaming) into the St John Co-Cathedral, which was the church of the Knights of St John. Outside it is very plain, but inside it is very richly ornamented. There are colourful marble tomb slabs of the Knights, covering the entire floor – lots of skulls, mortality reminders, and recollections of great deeds in evidence. Plus the normal Catholic littering of dead Jesi throughout the building. On those lines, what is the plural of Jesus, is it Jesi or Jesuses? Incidentally, is there any other word in the English language like sheep? Where the plural and the singular are the same?

Had a bit of a wander around the shops, stopping for tea.

Dinner at AD1530 in Mdina. The city is incredibly quiet at night, and very atmospheric.