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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010

Location: Gozo, Malta

MapToday we went for lunch to Xlendi, in a nice restaurant right beside (i.e. if I had pushed Ali, she would have fallen in) the harbour. A large school of what we can only describe as extreme sports fish were in the water. As the waves came in, the fish would try to get to the algae at the very top of the boat ramp, then as the waves went out, the bravest (most extreme, gnarly, etc) fish would be left high and dry. Still feeding as the water left, until they could hang around no longer and would high speed wriggle back to the water across the now dry boat ramp. The slower ones would end up in puddles, waiting for the next wave.

Tried to find various cliffs. Didn't. Found goat tracks marked on the map as roads to the cliffs. Grrr.