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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 Nov 2010

Location: Birmingham, UK

MapAli "I have an exciting idea."
Jase "Yes?"
Ali "Let's get on a train and go to Birmingham!!"
Ali "It'll be exciting"
Jase "Umm, Birmingham?"
Ali "We can go to a German Christmas market"
Jase "In Birmingham?"
Ali "Yes"
Jase "Birmingham, UK?"
Ali "Yes"
Jase "On a train"
Ali (getting her coat on and looking impatient) "Yes"
Jase "I frickin' hate trains, it'll be packed"
Ali "No it won't, it's freezing cold and miserable out there. No-one would be insane enough to go on a train."
Jase "..."
Ali "Come on, let's gooo!!!"
Ali "They have gluhwein"
Ali "And gingerbread"
Jase "It's -2 my love"
Ali "Trust me, the further north you go, the nicer the weather, besides, it NEVER snows in November"
Jase "What's that white fluffy stuff falling out of the sky"
Ali "It's just a heavy frost, nothing to worry about. You can trust me, I looovvveee you!!"

The train was packed with insane people.
The market was packed with insane Brummies.
We drank gluhwein to forget about the cold.
Ali went to Starbucks for a non-commercial visit (along with half the female visitors to the market).
It wasn't a heavy frost, it was snow.

We went for Dim Sum in Oxford afterwards. It was nice, then we went home and defrosted.

Actually, to be fair the market was interesting, just would have been nicer if (a) it wasn't packed and (b) it wasn't in Birmingham.