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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 07 Jun 2012

Location: Carcassonne, France

MapToday the weather was supposed to be getting a little worse here, so we ventured off to a site called 'The 4 castles', a little north of here. Basically 4 small castles that guarded the confluence of 3 valleys. All on top of the same hill, set up to mutually defend each other.

The castles were besieged a couple of times. First by Simon de Montfort (5th Earl of Leicester, father of Simon de Montfort, who ruled England briefly in 1264-1265), then by the King of France. It only fell to the King after a two year siege, one can only assume that it would have been due to the castle running out of supplies, as there would have been no other way to take the castle.

In fact, it was about a 20 minute climb up a steep and winding path for us to get there, so it would have been a horrendous climb for someone wearing heavy armour, under arrow fire from the castles. But perhaps not as horrendous a climb as it was for the game old bird we saw making her way up with two walking sticks and an encouraging husband in tow. She was very good humoured, we hope we're still scaling up the sides of mountains when we're her age.

All up, we probably spent a good half the day there, stopping at a patisserie on the way back (as Ali's pastry low light was illuminated).

Back to Carcassonne, now Ali is planning an assault on the Cité as it appears that her crêpe low light is now flashing, so guess what's for dinner...