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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Jun 2012

Location: Carcassonne to Essay, Normandy, France

MapShort story today - we packed up and checked out of the gite in Carcassonne, then we drove 770 km north to Normandy, breaking the back of our journey back to England. Jase passed a Dutchie (car) on the left hand side. Several times. It was funny the first time. See if you want to understand what Ali was putting up with...

HRH Ali found another castle to stay in (Chateau de Villiers in Essay, Normandy).

Streak spent the evening on a cheetah-sized cushion conveniently placed on the canopied bed.

Dinner was Italian, at a Normandy restaurant. Tomorrow is D-Day for us. Off to see some old tapestry, then the train back to Blighty and home for tea and medals. Pip-pip, tally-ho, huzzah.