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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 Mar 2013

Location: Villa and Montichiello, Italy

MapNasty wet day so we spent most of the day reading books.

In the afternoon we thought we'd better get some cash so we drove to Pienza in search of a cash machine, and grabbed a bit of lunch too.

For a bit of variety we drove back via Montichiello which was reputed to have a very nice restaurant - looked at the menu and it did look very nice but somehow we ran out of time to eat there in the end.

Montichiello was a tiny little place with an absolutely enormous church. Very odd.

Time for a car review, me thinks.

I (Jase) hired the car for this trip. In contrast to my normal technique of hiring the largest, fastest, most gaudy motor vehicle around, I instead hired a B180 Mercedes. What a mistake. The car not only looked hideous, it handled like a brick, one of those massive concrete breeze block type bricks too, not even a little Roman style fine brick. Steering felt like there was a giant rubber band between the steering wheel and the road wheels. Acceleration was poor and the drivers seat had no side support, so the slightest corner felt like I was either going out the door, or was going to end up sitting on Ali's lap.

Next time, I hire something way more impractical. At least that might be nice to drive.