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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Friday, 07 Feb 2014

Location: London, UK

MapA busy day of travelling today. We knew we would have limited time for food, so we took full advantage of the enormous breakfast buffet at the hotel, before driving to the airport for our flight. Flight home was uneventful and we landed in Birmingham at 3.40pm. Then a motorway trip down to Bicester where we just missed a train (we needed to get to London because we had tickets to see Warhorse), so sneaked home to drop off our suitcase and try to avoid being spotted by the cats (we failed in respect of three of them, but not the one who would have been most upset by our arrival and immediate exit).

Caught the next fast train into London and - arriving at 6.45pm - all was going well for getting to the theatre for 7.30. But then disaster! A fault at Charing Cross meant the Bakerloo Tube Line was down, and reaching the West End began to look a little hairy. We took a chance on the traffic, and caught a taxi. Fortunately the driver was great and we reached the theatre just in time for the start of the performance.

Warhorse was amazing. The puppeteers were so clever and they had the audience in tears - it felt as though we were watching the story of real horses. As the taxi driver has told us, the goose stole the show. Well worth seeing if you ever have the chance.

After it ended we checked into our hotel near Trafalgar Square along with Ali's parents, then we went to an Italian underneath the hotel for some quick food. By that time it was 11pm but there were plenty of places still open for food nearby.