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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Apr 2015

Location: Berlin, Germany

MapToday was a bit of a Cold War tour of East Berlin. With a touch of WW2 where we ran across it. First stop was the Fuhrerbunker. The site of Hitler's bunker is now a rather non-descript car park, the remains of his bunker being somewhere under the park - the Russian's dynamited it at the end of the war.

Next, we wandered towards Potzdamer Platz. Potzdamer Platz fell inside the killing zone that separated East and West Berlin, so all the construction there is post 1990. Hippie decided to play with the giant Lego giraffe. It creaked as he leaned on it. We left before it fell.

We then wandered a bit off the beaten track to look at one of the remaining guard towers from the wall. For the first time since we had been coming here, the tower was open and we could climb up to the top of it. The tower was always manned by two guards, neither of whom could know each other. It would have been located in the middle of the killing zone with a 360 degree view of the cleared space. Apparently there was no heating in them and so they were freezing cold in winter and boiling in summer.

Off to a cake shop in Potzdamer Platz arcade (Ali's one and only must visit location in Berlin) where she filled up on some fruity chocolate cake thing.

Then on the U-bahn (paying a correct fare this time) back to Alexander Platz to catch the tram to Hohenschonhausen. Ali and I had been there before, but this time was a bit different. Hohenschonhausen was the Stasi (Ministrium fur Staatsicherheit - Ministry for State Security) prison in Berlin. This time, the guide was an ex-inmate of the place. He had ended up in there because he (and some of his friends) had written up a flyer about 4 lines long stating that the people needed to wake up and see what was happening with the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Russians.

Back to the apartment and time to grab some pizza, beer and watch Das Leben der Anderen (The Lives of Others).