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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Aug 2015

Location: Delft and Gouda, Netherlands

MapA late breakfast, at which Jase refused to believe that the Dutch eat chocolate vermicelli on bread for breakfast. Then we checked out of the mangrove, and went for a wander through the Delft street antiques market. At a stall with a pile of old coins we looked for farthings for Robin, but came away with only a few 1/2p coins. Saw quite a cute wooden cradle on blades, for taking babies ice skating.

There was a river boat tour, so we jumped on that to see Delft from a different angle. It was interesting to see the town from the water, especially the Old Church which has a significant lean on it. There are a number of visual illusions used by the builders to try to (unsuccessfully) disguise it, such as making some of the turrets shorter and squatter.

Then we left Delft and drove along to Gouda (famous for cheese and the scholar Erasmus). Most of the action in Gouda is concentrated on its town square (or, in Gouda's case, town triangle), which boasts an attractive city hall, a cheese weighing house, and on Saturday a food market. One of the stall holders demonstrated the making of stroopwaffles to us, it was nice to see them freshly made rather then factory produced.

Gouda is also famous for the stained glass in its church, but unfortunately we weren't dressed for church visiting (it's quite strict in Europe).

So we went to the cheese shop instead, and sampled a variety of differently flavoured goudas. Lavender flavour is disgusting (some might say that it's no Gouda), by the way.

Then on to our accommodation, in Brummen near Arnhem. Arnhem is quite industrial, but Brummen is a delightful little town and the apartment we are renting is in the countryside, surrounded by corn and with a lovely garden to sit in. Dinner in the town square.