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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 12 Jun 2019

Location: London, UK

MapToday, not Roman but medieval. Went for a trip into London (after a late start to avoid both rush hour and extortionate train fares) to go see a play at the Globe theatre. The Globe is a reconstruction of the original Globe that old Bill Shakespeare used to have performances at.

Had a nice lunch at Williamson’s Tavern, a building that was once the home to the Mayor of London immediately after the great fire.

Then, a short walk from there to the Globe to watch the play. Ali had us front row seats, dead centre on the first level, so we could sit and watch the Groundlings (the Globe has a standing only ground floor area that costs only £5) get drenched by the weather. It was not a sunny day.

The play was Henry IV part 1. If you want my opinion, it was slow and difficult to follow. The first act itself seemed to be interminable and I would happily have followed the lead of many other patrons and left in the intermission. However, Ali was keen to continue, so I stayed for the second act. Which was marginally better.

In terms of the Henry series, Henry V is MUCH better. Even King Lear is better (and that’s a very depressing play). I’d even say that I enjoyed King John more...

[Ali: well I liked it! And it was certainly an improvement on Cymbeline]

Back on the river ferry, then tube and train back to a wet Bicester and very annoyed kitten (who hadn’t been able to go outside all day).