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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Sep 2019

Location: Dinan, France

MapDay 1 of Ali's trip to France without Jase.

Jason has managed to end up with 1 week's less leave than me, so I have come to France on a cooking holiday. Jase kindly dropped me off at Stansted airport this morning. Despite his complete hatred of budget airlines the flight was easy, half empty and I had a group of three seats all to myself.

I arrived at Dinard airport to find it is absolutely tiny and there is no real transport. My choice was to hire a car or or take a taxi to Dinan so I took a taxi. My first language challenge a little earlier than expected.

After checking in to my hotel I went for a walk around Dinan. It is a pretty fortified town with lots of half-timbered overhanging buildings. Tudor style, but French. I realised I was not doing things in an organised way, so I took a little train around the town for 8 euro and the commentary. It was great!

That gave me a few ideas for things I should go back and see in more detail, such as churches. So I did that, then sat in the English garden with a book and some greengages for a while, and then went and had crepes for dinner.