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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 12 Sep 2019

Location: Kerrouet, France

MapToday we had a free day until 6pm. This was good because we were all in dairy food comas and desperately needed a lunchtime off. I caught a lift with two other singletons on the course to Dinan where we managed to find a parking space despite the market, and then walked into town. We first went to the market which was interesting although not huge. Then the two guys had not been to Dinan before so we walked around the town and I showed them the lovely little half-timbered cobbled street down to the port and back. We had lunch down at the port, and bumped into several other participants on the course throughout the day.

After arriving back at the school, we all went our separate ways for a couple of hours. I read my book in the sunshine. I then returned to the school for the evening lesson.

Today was a fish day. We started the lesson by deconstructing langoustines, which is quite easy when you know how. Then we created langoustine stock and langoustine mousse for starter, filleted the turbot for main, and made the orange cake for dessert. It was quite an easy day today. We also got the rest of the pasta out and made tagliatelle. While we were all busy Niall made us a drink containing grapefruit syrup and rosé wine. We christened it the Pink De-Niall (denial) which works on all sorts of levels (he is a gay Catholic Irishman for example) and he was absolutely delighted with that.

All the food today was pleasant but I do not think I will be in a huge rush to make any of those recipes again.