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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 14 Dec 2019

Location: Düsseldorf , Germany

MapLast day today. Had a bit of a lie in before heading out to the Christmas market to grab a bite for breakfast and a couple of goodies.

In the theme of the day, it hailed early, resulting in us sheltering for a bit, before going to the Maritime museum in the old castle tower (Schloß Turm). Very interesting, especially the films on Dusseldorf's history and harbour, but we had to rush to catch the start of the walking tour.

The tour was supposed to be in both German and English, but a lot of the more interesting tidbits weren’t translated for the English sections, so I tried to translate as much as I could follow. Not a lot, tbh.

Freezing cold winds tested our clothing out, resulting in us grabbing lunch at a Japanese restaurant (no port or potato) before sourcing one of the best hot chocolates either of us have had. Even the air in the café smelled like liquid chocolate.

Absolutely pelted with hail whilst making our way back to the hotel for our luggage.

Airport, home, lit a fire.