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Ali & Jase’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Mar 2020

Location: Diamond Beach, Iceland

MapThe Markhams got up very early to go and see an ice cave. Jase and I got a slower start and went out for a lazy hot chocolate. We then drove to diamond beach for lunch. When we got there we actually met the Markhams in the car park (that's how lazy a start we had).

We took a look at the Jokulsarlon glacier flowing into a river and took a few photographs. We then crossed over the bridge to diamond beach itself which is a black sand beach with chunks of ice on the beach.

On the way back to Hofn, we stopped at a cafe for hot chocolate, and went into its museum for a famous Icelandic author (Þórbergur Þórðarson).

Then back to Hofn for langoustines for dinner.

At the hotel the hotel receptionist said there's a good chance of the Northern Lights tonight. So we all got ready with our coats, hats, gloves and cameras. The receptionist was popping out to check the sky about every ten minutes and we were also keeping an eye on the app. When it reached its peak likelihood (27%) we went outside and past all the houses and lights to look over the harbour.

Ali couldn't see a thing, but generally pointed her camera into the direction of where everyone else said they could see something. (It looked like a cloud to me.) Strangely enough it turned out a really good photo of the Northern Lights. Jase had a proper camera with him so he was doing special stuff with lenses and long exposures. We'll have to wait and see what they look like, as he was using real film.