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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 06 Jul 2007

Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA

MapAs Jennifer, Audrey and I get nearer to our packing and sorting for the long trip through US and Canada BC, we are thinking of all of the things you might be interested in seeing along the way. My plan is to load up the car on the 18th and let you all see us getting ready to leave early the next morning, probably about 5:30 AM. We are so excited as we get closer to the date of travel and want you all to write us if you have something special you want to see.

I am excited to see my son and his family using planetranger to document their camping trip in the following link:(I am getting some great ideas to post on our upcoming trip).

On our way back from Ninilchik, leaving the 22nd of August, we plan to go to Skagway and get the ferry to Bellingham Washington and then on to the coastline of Washington, Oregon, California, stopping along the way to see the Redwoods, Wine Valley, good old San Fran and then on down to Disneyland via Big Sur....on over to Las Vegas and then home by the 7th of September. I certainly want to see some friends along the way that I have not seen in many years and hopefully we can have time to do that. Look for us to come visit if we are in your neck of the woods.