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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Jul 2007

Location: San Antonio Texas, USA

MapWe are coming down to the wire here. I have been inundated with things to do with the car. I bought a darling used Rav4 Toyota which needed tires, brakes, belts, etc....and am now pleased that we can finally feel safe as we traverse this northern journey, through the wilds of British Columbia, the Yukon and finally to the Cook Inlet....Alaska. Our friends are already up in Alaska, reporting that the sockeyes are late coming into the Kassilof and Kenai rivers and that the Silvers will be on their way the first week of August. These great fish and those wonderful bald eagles, not to mention the grizzlies, moose, etc...await our presence. I am sure of it. Being in the wilds, or semi-wilds, all the way up from Texas, helps get new perspective and increases my faith that their is a unique higher power that gives us this wonderful country of ours. What we do with it is our business for sure....

I will send out pictures of our packing and our journey forward as we leave 5:30 AM on Thursday.

See you then.