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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 20 Jul 2007

Location: USA

MapLate to rise, late to arrive at our final destination for the day, a long day. After having our 'Cracker Barrel' breakfast next door to our hotel, we set our sites on Moab, Utah via Albuquerque & Gallup, NM and Cortez, Colorado. Albuquerque threw us for a loop as we spent 45 minutes to an hour looking for a Taco Cabana using Mapquest or Yahoo map directions that were incorrect. Anyway........Audrey got her last 'fix' of their bean & cheese tacos. The day was pretty uneventful.....listening to a book on CD, lots of Enya CDs, talking, etc. We didn't seem to have as many restroom stops today. We were able to combine more gas-ups w/ restroom breaks. The drive was long due to side roads/back roads which tended to have slower traffic...18-wheelers, school buses, and just plain slow people. We drove for a very long time in Navajo territory. Perhaps, they are trying to tell us something? We arrived in Moab by 7:30 p.m. Da (Gwynne) crashed while Audrey & I went to town for Italian food in the nice little tourist city centre. Until next time........