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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 22 Jul 2007

Location: Canada

MapThis day turned out to be much longer than anticipated. We had our continental breakfast at 7 at our hotel and hit the road. Within 5 miles Gwynne spotted the first herd of antelope and more followed for the next 20 miles or so. We had a scenery change today as the desert-like and boring scenery we had been taking in gradually became mountains of pines, blue spruce, etc. The many stops we made got us into Princeton, BC late......8:30 p.m., that even after gaining another hour. Stops included, of course, many 'potty' breaks mixed with a couple of gas fills (gas in Montana, Idaho, and Washington were all right under $3 per gallon, very similar to home), a chinese lunch, a stop at 2 book stores and 2 Michaels where Audrey bought a couple of books and I bought some yarn to start an afghan. I think for me, the highlight of the day came near the end of the day's journey. We saw a BALD EAGLE feeding off roadkill, of all things. This was a first! We see them all over in Ninilchik, but never South. The small towns of BC are very clean and usually in a valley near a river. See one of the pictures to get a feel for the site of one as you near it from the east. There are fields and fields of fruit trees and vineyards (didn't get any pictures as the roads have no shoulders). Gwynne & I have vowed to take this as a winery trip someday. All and all, except for numb butts, cramped legs, and aching knees, the drive was not a bad one, just long. We will have a shorter day tomorrow and a couple of days to follow as we approach the Yukon and some untraversed roads for us.