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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Jul 2007

Location: Prince George, Canada

MapWe had a beautiful drive through part of British Columbia from Princeton to Prince George. The rivers are unbelievable and we went through Hell's Gate which is a tram we rode about 4 years ago over Hell's Gate (remember Tony). Loggers and the logging industries thrive up here, the roads are full of truckers, Harley Davidson's and farmers. We have met some interesting people, to say the least and now we are staying in a beautiful lush environment in Prince George. The Canadian dollar is almost equal to the US so we aren't getting any deals, that's for sure! We are traveling at 65-70 MPH unless we are behind a logger, and that is at 30 MPH. Between stops and loggers, it is a long day, but it is all worth it.


p.s. We saw another Bald Eagle today......sitting atop a beaver damn.