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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 24 Jul 2007

Location: Canada

Map Today was a great day for traveling! We saw some wildlife in the latter half of our journey which made it all worth while. We started out the day w/ breakfast at the hotel and left town at 9:00 a.m. after a stop at the last WalMart we would see for a few more days.
We were in some untraveled territory for Gwynne, taking the Yellowhead west from Prince George to the Cassiar Hwy. The Cassiar is known for its wilderness and tough roads, but so far the part that we have traveled to get this far has been VERY GOOD. After turning off the Yellowhead w/ busy traffic and bustling metroplexes (NOT!), we saw our first black bear on the side of the road feeding on clover. We turned onto the Stewart-Hyder highway which ends at the ocean, a stop on the Alaska Ferry system. Our purpose here was to go to the Fish Creek area for Bear viewing. There is a boardwalk/platform for visitors to watch the bears go for their salmon. As soon as we got there, a male grizzly (known as a Brown Bear on the coast) came sauntering (sp?) down the river. We tried to take video, but the batteries were dieing. Audrey, the photographer, was able to get a few shots off, before he went out of view. A bald eagle was also present, but flew off too far to get a shot. In between pictures and waiting, we spotted a beaver swimming in a separate pond where he had built a damn. It turned out that the area was a mecca for wildlife we had so longed to see. I am soooooo glad Gwynne got to see the bear in action.
We are all tired now. Da sleeps, Audrey is finishing her Harry Potter #6 (50 pages to go), and I am left trying to load photos and movies on a limited connectivity!
Tomorrow we are likely to see more wildlife and will be passing through Jade country. Be sure to check out our pictures if they uploaded. If not, we will wait until we have better service. Until then.....

PS. I cannot tell you how frustrating it is not to be able to get our movies or updated pictures online. The only thing I can figure is that we are not resizing them and putting them in a easily loaded format....maybe better luck tomorrow.