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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 27 Jul 2007

Location: Anchorage Alaska, USA

MapThis is for Thursday and Friday. We have seen wild life up close and personal, almost too close to a large black bear male...He was crossing the road on the Cassiar. I am glad we took the Cassiar but never again. Lots of stops and bumps along the way. We saw moose and a huge bull moose today coming out of Tok, but as we got near him he hid from us in the bushes. Audrey and Jennifer went to see Harry Potter movie tonight and I am try to upload pictures and get some semblance of order to this blog. We will leave tomorrow after Saturday market, go to Hope to gold pan and then on to Homer so we might not get uploaded for several days...Once we figure how to do this you all will hear and see alot!! I am worn out trying to figure out how to get this all on the computer. We have taken fantastic pics and movies....someday you will see them.