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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Aug 2007

Location: Ninilchik, USA

MapToday the computer is set up and ready to upload. Alton and I are at the senior center, having coffee and going through the motions. We are having chicken and dumplings today when we get home. Alton, Don and Jennifer went out this morning for silvers---Alton had on one, but didn't catch it, Jennifer had some good bites but no landing, Don didn't get any. Bob is going out halibut fishing with a military friend of his and he will give us his halibut to cook. Alton picked wild strawberries at Gene's yesterday and he and I saw an eagle's nest with an eaglet poking its nose out....Alton estimates the nest is 7 feet across...Anyway hopefully you will see the pics. Don and I went out eat last night with Bob and Carole and had cornish patsies at the Cowboy Campground....where they advertise for exotic dancers in a building no bigger than an out house...I was going to try out for it, but couldn't get up the nerve. Alton is still beating me in gin.
Ho hum!!!
P.S. Gwynne failed to mention HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO NICK! WE LOVE YOU!!!