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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Aug 2007

Location: Ninilchik, USA

MapYesterday afternoon we watched movies, played games and got ready for silvers to come in. Bob reported that they were at Anchor Point, so they all got up at 5:00AM to try for the silvers....NOT ME...I am waiting for the silvers to send me a personal invitation and come into Deep Creek. Right now the silvers are hovering in the Cook Inlet ready to come in to the streams. Bob hooked and brought in a 10 pounder this morning, but everyone else didn't catch anything.

Alton and Don are busy tying up flies and getting eggs ready as the silvers are the only salmon that really bite the bait...

Jennifer and I are taking Audrey to catch the plane out of Kenai to Anchorage and on to San Antonio. We will go to Kenai to the movie, out to eat and then to shop for groceries at Carrs.

Tomorrow is a big fishing day for me and I am quite excited as I really want to fish for Dolly Vardens....I love em.