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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 07 Aug 2007

Location: Ninilchik, USA

MapTuesday, August 7, 2007
We had a few adventures yesterday so I will try to get that all in this log. Alton and I decided to go to both the mouth of the Deep Creek and Ninilchik to see the silver salmon come in. We didnít see anything at Ninilchik harbor, but I got a movie of the low tide as it traps the boats in---we saw a fishing boat waiting to come in about 1000 yards out in the water. High tide would be 8 hours later so they had a wait. There were fewer people camped at NInilchik. (Bob said that Alaska had 1,000,000 fewer visitors this year because of the gas prices). A and I went down to Deep Creek mouth and there was a young man teaching fly fishing and he got three salmon on in the 30 minutes we were watching. No one else was catching anything, so he seemed to know what he was doing. He did catch and release.

The big news was this. About 7:30 PM, Don, Jennifer, Alton and I went fishing in the holes down on Deep Creek. While I was busy trying to fly fish without my boots on, Jennifer managed to catch a 6lb. silver salmon down stream from me. She was very excited. We brought it home for her to clean and wash and found out that it was a spotted silver (I called it a Calico female) and Bob said he had never seen such a fishÖ.She was beside herself with all the comments and her first silver catch. Pictures will tell the story. She cut into it and immediately Bob got the eggs to process for bait. We are having quite a drama with the eggs as they are running out. Anyway, Jennifer, Alton and Don went out at 4:30 am this morning (NOT ME!) and Don got his limit of two, Jennifer had one on and Alton didnít get a bump.While they were fishing, they heard a gun shot; a moose had been hit and was shot to put it out of its misery. The clean up had already occurred when they returned on the road, so it has probably already been processed for meat. I am sure the car is severely damaged. The day was bright and sunny, but in the 40ís, and now we are in the 60ís.
Jennifer and I are going to Soldotna to get a few groceries and look for aghgan patterns at Joanns fabrics. We will go fishing later on this evening. Check for pictures and movies.