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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 08 Aug 2007

Location: USA

MapNo Senior Center lunch today for Gwynne & I. We spent the several hours going to and fro to Homer. The market is held on Wed & Sat., but we found out, once there, it did not start until 4 and we were not sticking around for it. Another reason we went is because I had read (yes, you heard!) the Homer visitor's guide and there were two wineries (of sorts) in the area. One of them....The Bear Creek Winerey....was similar to most although grapes will not grow in Alaska, just fermented upon arrival from elsewhere and combined w/ native fruits, etc. (i.e. blueberries for Blue Zin, rhubarb, etc.) I purchased a Blueberry Mirlo (a sort of Merlot) for steak night next week in a goodbye dinner for Don Van Endye. The winery allowed tasting of 5 wines for free. It was a nice experience. We also went to a Meadery (similar to a winery) where the libations are made from 'honey' w/ flavors of the area as well. The alcohol content is similar to wine. I bought an after dinner/dessert mead for another meal sometime before we leave. In addition to the wineries, we went (or I should say "I went", because Gwynne generally sat in the car and read or sewed while I went in) to two artist who works w/ inlaid woods & a candle shop. Needless to say, I have spent some monies today on 'stuff'. We went to eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet Chinese restaurant and were able to get our fix on sushi rolls while watching Yanni play.
There is a lot of napping going on at the Grimm A-frame. This is due to the fact that we get up at 4:30 every morning to fish in a river only 5 minutes from the house. This is necessary, because Bob Jones & Gene say that you want to fish when the sun is not shining on the water.....the fish can see you and/or your shadow and it scares them off. So.......we try to squeeze in a nap sometime during the day and not usually all at the same time. Don, Alton, and I (the usual early fishermen from the Grimm house) each caught one silver today. Alton went down w/ me yesterday to Deep Creek and I caught one then too. So, I have now caught 3.....a 6 lb. 1 oz, one that is 3 lb. 8 oz., and one that is 7 lb. Bob records all the fish caught and keeps statistics on them from year to year. He was a math teacher here in Ninilchik. What can I say?
The days have been beautiful the past few....lows 42 degrees in the morning, highs 68-70 in the evening. We went to bed last night with the windows open and forgot to shut them. This morning we were dressing in the cold! Yikes! We won't be doing THAT again!
We are planning to go fishing again this evening (including Gwynne), as you are allowed 2 silver salmon a day.
Hope you enjoy the pictures for the day. We will also attempt to put more videos on, but will have to delete the old ones in order for them to fit.
Wish us luck on the fishing......
"Afterall.....tomorrow is another day!"