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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 09 Aug 2007

Location: USA

MapA fishless day, thus far, for Alton & I......2 caught by Don, only 1 caught at the Jones household. We were up at 4:30 and HIKED to BJ's fishing hole. It seems much easier to walk to the hole we'd been using only five minutes from the house, so this is what we will try again tomorrow. We must oblige, however, our guide! He is very knowledgeable in the fishing/hunting around here. We saw moose tracks on the trail to the hole this morning. BJ suspects one of the calves is one that was killed on the road a few days back.
Gwynne has made salmon quesadillas and held some back for me as I diligently try to load pictures and movies here at the senior center. It was hard to forego their Halibut lunch menu in the next room while I worked. They have a question of the day, usually related to the theme of the of the volunteers searches online for a challenging question. Today, however, it was comical. "Which members of the Center would be the top five that would benefit from a hearing aide?" I know one for sure! But he was not present.....Gene...."Huh?"
We shall try our hand again this evening at the fishing hole. It has been sunny and warm.....not good for river fishing. The locals hope for rain to help bring in the silvers. They come to the mouth of the river and if the smell and temp is not right, they will not come in. I have a my own/different theory, but it is too long to discuss here.
Wish us luck!

(Drama Disclaimers)—I am sure you don’t realize the mini-dramas that go on each day that take up much of our conversations, however we will report them, in a somewhat exaggerated format as that is what contains the element of drama at our Ninilchik Cabin. So what you may read from this time forward will be the ‘dramas of the day’, half truth and who knows the other half.

Dramas of the day, beginning August 8th
Jennifer and I both heard shots near by between 10:00 PM and 4:30 AM but were in a semi sleep so we didn’t get up. The shots as it turned out came from across the street. Later in the early morning hours, EMS was at the same house. As we spoke to Bob, he said, when he got up he heard loud music coming from the house. There were some young people over there so we imagine that someone got shot accidently as they were grooving to the music and then they discovered it in the early morning hours so they called EMS.

The drama of the day on August 9th—
Bob decided to take Jennifer and Alton with him so they would catch their salmon at the meadow ‘hole’ in Deep Creek where he and his grandkids have been hauling them in. He goes there about 5:00 AM so that the sun is not shining on the water (salmon won’t bite then)…..many salmon swam by Jennifer and Alton, but none bit. Jennifer had one on. Now the drama is that we are running out of fish eggs and Bob doesn’t want us to waste them, so we are looking for females….and Bob thought they would all get their limit. No one did. Don went to the old ‘hole’ and caught two (his limit). So we are really in a quandary as to who is telling us fishing tales and who we should listen to….What do you think? Dramas continue in the Gwynne/Alton gin games and Gwynne/Gene cribbage games…..the outlook for Gwynne as a winner doesn’t look real promising.