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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Aug 2007

Location: USA

MapToday I slept in as usual, at least until 6:45 AM, read a bit of my book. (I have read two books since I got here), but then at 7:30 the fishermen came in with all sorts of stories. Alton caught a 8 and 10 pounder, and had drifted away from Jennifer and Don, so J and D had to make up all kinds of stories as to why they didn’t catch any this morning. We are all going out and use ‘lures’ today at some point, maybe at different times. The fishing stories abound here in this cottage, from ‘the Japanese stole our spot’ to ‘the fish don’t bite when the steam comes off the river’, ‘the bait is too hard, we are switching to lures’, ‘the fish see us after daylight and the sun hits the water’. After I caught a tree with my bait and had to give up a good leader, I decided to not fly fish, but to go back to my friendly Daiwa reel that I use at Magnolia Beach. I am looking forward to going to the mouth of the Deep Creek and catch the salmon as they first enter Deep Creek. Everyone seems to think that is foolish, however to me it only makes sense as to get them when they enter the doorway and are looking to swim upstream.
Jennifer and I have discovered an old technique of working with ‘monks cloth’ and yarn, making different designs. I think we have a picture of this. Other than that, I have made many wild colored scarves and Jennifer is an afghan making fool. The boys, Don and Alton, are having to take tests on the movies, DaVinci Code, Pride and Prejudice and Bride and Prejudice. They have been so attentive when their eyes remained opened (with toothpicks I provided), that they have been exempted from testing.

From ‘lotsasnoringoinon’ cabin,


P.S. For Tracy, in answer to your plea:
I believe the fish smell the eggs of the 'family' theory is "if it isn't their family, they don't bite...pass it up until they find their own" OR other theory "if it IS their family, they don't bite...pass it up and find another batch".
PP.SS. Da says:
"Salmon represents the sign of Leo in the Celtic Astrology. And that is why we are so atuned to what the salmon want, do, and don't do! "
Yea, right!,