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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Aug 2007

Location: USA

MapAugust 10 and 11 ---- It may not be exciting news, our last couple of days, however, it is our drama world around here. Yesterday, Alton caught his limit of 2 salmon so he, Jennifer and I rode around looking for trouble in Ninilchik. (Mostly we check the streams and see where the salmon have holed up, and then wait by driving around seeing interests that are local only) We checked out a garage sale going on down a scary path, with dogs, grandma, baby and lots of junk…(pics attached)..Alton bought a Braun coffee grinder for a dollar and then we were off down dirt roads into bear country to drive by Genes. On the way we checked our eagles nest and the two eaglets were flapping their wings and getting ready to fly. I was so excited and we were all yelling at each other to take a movie with my camera….so we took a shakey movie and were anxious to show Gene. We stopped by Genes and during the process of trying to upload pics on his machine, I accidently erased my movies of the eagles….I was sick to death!! Now, we go by the eagles nest often, and will continue to do so. I try to make eagle calls, but it embarrasses Jennifer who says I sound like an ‘old crow’ and I will wake up the neighbors. The eaglets are on to us so they don’t perform like they did at first. Gene has a detailed editing system on his computer so he sits around when he is not fishing editing family pics over the last 40 years or more. Alton and Jennifer picked the rest of the wild strawberries and then…..Jennifer took them home to make Gene some jam as we did with the others. We told her to wait for the syrup to string and then take them off….we were anxious to nap. I awakened to something burning and she had turned the syrup into a strawberry hard candy. This morning Alton was trying to eat some and one of his dentures fell out.

Jennifer and Don decided to go fishing in the hole on Deep Creek and eventhough they could see the salmon sitting there, the fish wouldn’t bite….very disheartening to see those 10 pounders milling about and not wanting to bite the bait. This morning, Jennifer caught a 4 pounder and Don caught a 6 ½ pounder. The silvers are in full force, however, they are only moving at certain times. Some guys are staying on the streams all day just to catch two fish. The sockeye are still biting in the Russian River, but that is too far for us to wander at this point.

Don brought chicken and beef fajitas from San Antonio so we are having a big party tonight with the Joneses and Bets family. Carol and I are preparing grilled corn on the cob, a squash casserole, Spanish rice, pica de gallo and bread pudding for the event. Bob will do the grilling. Monday night before Don leaves on Tuesday, we are going to have a hamburger party. Don will leave on the Kenai flight out Tuesday night, Jennifer’s birthday.

Drama of the days ---The scary ride to the garage sale, down a scary path with scary dogs… door to us, there are five two hundred pound men, five fifty pound fish boxes, five plus suitcases are leaving in a mini van to catch a plane. We feel they are part of a circus routine and they have used many of our eggs so we don’t feel too sorry for their plight. They left us their left over food, but Bob is confiscating it to give to the needy…..I say we are the neediest….but Bob is a good man and we are being selfish as is pointed out to us daily by his good deeds.

P.S. I sit in the passenger seat of the car w/ the 'pooter' in the driver's seat with the cord hanging out the door and plugged into the outside wall of the senior center. I have finished reading my book "In a Far Country" and now will crochet while I load a video. The things we do for attention!