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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Aug 2007

Location: USA

MapAugust 12 --- Another busy day….Last night we all gathered in Bob’s garage/picnic area to have a fajita dinner, put on by Don Van Eynde, who will be leaving on Tuesday. Alton and I trimmed squash, corn on the cob, made Spanish rice, Omi’s bread pudding, etc…to contribute. Joneses got all the vegetables fresh and we cooked them. Bets’ kids were there, minus Robin who has gone back to Salt Lake to be with her dad. Lots of stories told around the table and some pictures are attached.

This morning Jennifer had ‘big one’ on and lost it. Don caught a 9 lb. plus. Alton just watched and fished, and ‘thinks’ he had one on. If these guys would brave the bears and moose up at the ‘silver hole’ they would catch more, however this cabin has no desire to do battle with the wild. Gene offered to take the guys up there today, but they want to keep their arms and legs so they opted out.

I continue to be the main cook, travelaroundlookingfordrama mama, reading and seeing if the fish are noticeable in both Ninilchik and Deep Creek. I have decided to take a lawn chair and my book, along with my spinning reel, lure, etc…and just sit on a hole until I catch one. How is that for getting the most of my fishing license fee? I am sure that if we sat on a river all day, we would all get our limits, eh?

Drama: The stupid eaglets are either abandoned by their mothers or they can’t get out of the nest due to their floppy wings. We have no idea what is going on in that huge eagles nest; they are probably the most retarded eagles I have seen yet. Bob thinks the mother comes when we are not watching. Gene thinks they won’t leave the nest and/or they were feeding down on the river near his house on a carcass . I think they leave the nest and return. Jennifer thinks, like Gene, that they get deep inside their 7 foot diameter nest and don’t get up. I continue to stand below the nest and crow, hoping they pop their heads and start flying around.

PS. Drama….the moose that was killed, Bob believes, is a mooselet that got loose from its mom and was hit, but we choose to not believe that and believe that it was old worn out cow who was tired of her mooselets sucking on her. We will stick to our beliefs. What Alton, Jennifer and Don heard while fishing was this:…MOOOOO….BAM/SPLAT….pause……DAMN……BANG!!!

PP.SS. Gwynne has repeatedly humiliated me in front of everyone about my 'strawberry preserve-turned-candy'. So, it's my turn. She put the crock pot on the stove to cook some squash in, thinking it would withstand the heat. Alton advised her not to, but she did anyway and guess what happened!