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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Aug 2007

Location: Ninilchik, USA

MapAugust 13th ---- Jennifer, Alton and Don got up at 4:00 AM to beat the frenchmen to the 'hole'.(new drama about the frenchmen) There they were already at the hole so J., A, and D. spread out and found new holes but to no avail. It is very frustrating as the fish are in these holes but not biting. Alton caught a twenty pound King Salmon but couldn't keep it as it is not the season for it...but that was the most exciting thing that happened. Bob didn't catch anything. Gene is catching a few, but we haven't heard his report today so we will wait to hear.

We have a hamburger party at Bob's this evening to celebrate Don's leaving. Don is thinking of how he is going to portray his stay with the Sonnen sisters the last two weeks to Dixie (his wife) ought to be hilarious as it has been like college dorm living.

Don goes home tomorrow on Jennifer's birthday. Jennifer wants to take my car and go to all the shops around Ninilchik to shop (leaving me at home since I hate that sort of thing)...that is her wish. I am taking her to a movie in Kenai to Bourne Ultimatum and out to eat. Gene, Don and Alton will head to Kenai, separate car, to take Don to the airport and Gene wants to shop at Three Bears.

Drama: There are about 8 frenchmen who flew into fish here in Ninilchik and they are fishing with 'those spinning reels' (like me) instead of fly fishing, taking up the good holes, catching all the fish and we just know they are going over their limit....Don said they were nice enough to him, but we fluctuate between thinking they are rude and have no boundaries.....Don just likes them because on of them is a professor.

The eagle drama goes on....the lone eaglet was there yesterday so who knows what happened to the other bro/sis and the is lonely up in that big nest...wish I could crawl up and hug it....


Every morning the light gets later and later, but we keep getting up early. Tomorrow Don declares he will get up at 3:15 to beat the Frenchmen to the hole. There were 5 people in the hole at 4:30 and although it is not quite like the combat fishing you see in the post cards and t.v. shows, it isn't fun fishing w/ that many people.
We got a 'heads up' from someone at the Senior Center lunch today. A woman stood up to give an announcement. She said last night and tonight there was/is some solar activity.....meteor shower, pulsar, etc. visible in the night sky. You can imagine it will be short lived since it gets dark after midnight and light before 5. Gwynne has stated she would like to do that for MY birthday. Now.....I WAS going to sleep in tomorrow....the first time thus far.....but I guess for MY birthday, I will lay out under the stars. We will try to take pictures, but....