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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Aug 2007

Location: Ninilchik, USA

MapAugust 14, 2007 Happy Birthday to Jennifer! She is going to live it up, go shopping in these little 400 square foot shops without her party pooper sister. Last night we had a hamburger party with the neighbors and met some more wonderful people here who are locals to Ninilchik. Long conversations, pictures from China, conversations with Bob about movies, getting movies for Alton to watch since he had never seen some….i.e. The March of the Penguins.

Don leaves today and we are packing him in with all his garb. We were all talking the other day about how exhilarating it is to plan on coming to NInilchik and then how wonderful it is to go back to San Antonio and home again……very unusual paradox…but we keep doing it, all of us so we must get some thrill from it all.

Went fishing by myself and caught a log and a handsome Frenchman.

Jennifer and I went over to Gene’s yesterday and he showed us his trailer which is very comfortable for just Jennifer and me, so we are thinking about coming up next year for a few weeks just to fish….maybe by rail and by sea since Jennifer won’t fly…..just thinking….

Also thinking about Labor day, September 3rd, having a party for the Alaskan crew at Kendalia… introduce to family….having salmon quesadillas…rhubarb crunch and all…just brainstorming MOM!!!


P.S. It has been a few days since I was responsible for the daily log. I have been depending on Gwynne’s imagination for the glorified stories and dramas. I can only keep it simple. I continue to work on my afghans. I forgot to mention yesterday at the senior center….while Gwynne worked on our blog….I finished the puzzle that had been calling me. A picture should be posted. We have been here so long and so often that people begin to ask us for directions and info about the center. Do I look like a member?
Don wonders if I will be on the hunt today, for my birthday, for Sam #3. I don’t know about that. We will have to see what happens. Haven’t tried a Frenchmen yet. Do they name their kids Sam? Afterall…..tomorrow is another day….we plan on going to the bar where the Russians hang out. Perhaps there will be a “Samski” Ruski there. We’ll have to keep you posted.