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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 15 Aug 2007

Location: USA

MapOne birthday has come and gone! We slept in yesterday until 9:00, boys included (except that they arose at 4:30, came back from fishing, fishless at 7:30). I got in my short shopping spree through the Ninilchik metroplex while Gwynne sat at the Senior Center working on our blog & checking email. Don & Alton met up with us there and we sat in our ‘assigned’ seats for Mexican Tuesday buffet (I guess they don’t get it, here, that Mexican food day is really WEDNESDAY)……tacos w/ ground moose meat and all the fixins, rice and beans. Usually, a small crowd arrives at 11:30 for hors d’ourves and the soup of the day. Yesterday it was burritos and clam chowder, respectively.
Gwynne and I stopped by the house before taking off on our afternoon adventure to Soldotna/Kenai…..Fred Meyers for discounted yarn for another afghan for Gwynne, thrift shops to find a small coffee pot for the ferry ride & road home, and Jo Ann’s Fabrics to return Gwynne’s fire-engine red ‘fat yarn’ she had bought earlier in the trip. We found a jigsaw puzzle to keep us busy for the remainder of the trip ($1) and a small Mr. Coffee that worked! If Mom had been w/ us, we’d have a Farberware, but……maybe next time?
We proceeded to Kenai Regal Kimbe 3 theaters for The Bourne Ultimatum…..very intense & exhausting. I wish I could have taken a nap when it was over! Whew! Good movie! We had told Don we would rush over to the airport to have our picture taken w/ him in front of the humongous Kodiak brown bear encased in the airport waiting area. We were running a bit late and afraid the passengers were already boarding, so Gwynne dropped me off….I ran inside, saw Don talking to a group of men about their fishing stories. So, I ran down the hall w/ arms open wide, yelling “Daddy…….”. That got his attention. One of the men volunteered to take our pic (posted). He and Gwynne then exchanged hugs out by the car. Farewell to our co-ed roommate for 2 weeks.
It was then we went to spend $2.50 ‘fricking’ cents on one ‘fricking’ bell pepper, among $120 other grocery items we would have paid $60 for at home! On our drive home down K-Beach Road (the short cut from Kenai to Ninilchik, we ventured out a new road to view the inlet from a different perspective (see pic)….a dead end “Fishermen Employees Only” forced us to turn around. We continued home to greet Alton, I crochet-ing all the way.
Alton continues to insist on sleeping on his single air mattress on the floor in the living room, the Queen comfortable bed empty w/in 15 feet…..Gwynne & I continue to sleep comfortably up in the loft.
Gwynne & Alton watched a movie & fixed dinner…..cream cheese, purple onion, and fresh homemade lox, atop a toasted bagel……mmmmmm!....then watched a movie as I started framing the puzzle w/ the “straight” pieces on the card table. We bedded down after 10:00 pm.
The plan was that Alton would test the waters for the morning of the 15th, as my license had expired. It has become a dilemma, for me, on whether I should afford another 1-day ($20), 3-day ($35), or 7-day ($55) w/ the following conditions that perplexed me: it has gotten cold & rainy, there have been few fish caught, and the number of combat fishermen have increased, not to mention that the Kenai Peninsula State Fair will commence for Aug. 17, 18, & 19th. Well, my mind is made up this morning that I WILL get a license, but just for how long? Alton started fishing at 5:00 a.m. and was home at 6:10 a.m. w/ two fish (his limit for the day) in tow. He caught them in Don’s hole….NO ONE else there in the hole w/ him! Gwynne promises that today SHE will catch our fish since her license is good until the 20th. Her fishing radius, however, is limited to shore OR shallow water as she will NOT wade. Picture her w/ oversized rubber boots that Alton cut down to mid calf-size walking up & down stream on shore all the while others in the middle of the stream. She claims it is so she can run from the bears. There is a resemblance to Omi when I look at her while she attempts to fish.
Today will be fairly uneventful. We had planned to drive to Homer for all the crab you can eat, but have decided since it is Dungeoness and NOT King Crab AND due to the cost of gas, we would forego that idea. We WILL, however, NOT forego our drink at the local Ruski bar sometime today. We will spend our usual time at the Old Folks Center (oops! I mean the Senior Center). We will report in on anything exciting that happens in tomorrow’s blog.
P.S. Drama….For the most part, the people in Ninilchik are friendly, nurturing, and full of information; HOWEVER, the 30-ish young woman who is the maintenance keeper at the Senior Center is a gritch from hell! First, she is amazed that “MY” generation can operate a computer like I do! Then she comes outside to tell me how to park. Then I answer her stupid ‘question of the day’ (which she posts everyday on a dry erase board) and she says I cheat because I look it up on my computer. Well…..what does she expect? So now, it is a war of the gritches. Now I have Jennifer on my side. And these are the things Jennifer has heard her say and do: she told an older lady, who was dressed neatly & stylishly, that she liked her 70’s outfit…..that gritch! Also, when I asked her if she knew what happen on the night of the ‘shooting’ (remember, she is a volunteer at the fire dept/EMS), she curtly responded “I don’t know who Bob Jones is, I don’t go out on every call, and I am not privileged to give out that information”, and then proceeded to storm off…..that gritch!