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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Aug 2007

Location: USA

MapAugust 16th ---My 65th birthday and the first time I have spent it away from San Antonio/Magnolia Beach, and it is a new moon so I am expecting tremendous results from all of this good fortune. Today, I am fixing my birthday dinner, meatloaf, potatoes, cauliflower, salad and a upside down rhubarb cake. Gene has been invited so it will just be the four of us. I am staying home and crocheting and will go out about 5 to fish and then Jennifer and I are going to the Ruski bar to have a few drinks with the mountain men. Right!!!

Since this will be a new solar year for me, I must tell you that I have had several dreams beginning in Hope, and continuing on a new business that Jennifer and I are going to manage. It will be an internationally marketed business called Whatchalookinfor? My dream started backwards as it became, within a year, a 50 million dollar a year business and we were asked if we wanted to grow it across the NYSE.

Whatchalookinfor proposal:
We are a corporation, family based and operated, that looks, via internet and technological advancement, for items and materials, rare and hard to find, real estate, etc. for a search fee of only 10$. We give feedback and choices within 5-7 days for the buyer to choose and then we negotiate the sale with the seller for a 5% commission fee, minimum of 1$. Our search includes the following items: antiques, rare items, dishes and appliances, hunting and fishing equipment, crafts/fabrics, real estate, clothing (you-name-it, we-find-it) . We have already found people who will do searches in different categories:

Bob and Carole Jones: fishing equipment and fishing guided trips in Alaska
Alton Grimm: plants and landscaping materials
Linda ? – Clothing only sold privately and online.
Audrey ---baked goods and products
( I am sure other family members will jump on the whatchasearchinfor bandwagon as soon as they hear)
Others have offered but we are looking for the best of the best and those that miss the market.

I am going to take a few community courses on how to run a business online and talk to my lawyer regarding accountability. Look forward to blog and give us a whatchathink?
P.S. Oh my God!.....anyway….Oh happy birthday. Oh happy birthday…..grief, sorrow, and dispare….people dieing everywhere….Oh happy birthday! So far, I have not had to be the ‘lackey’ or ‘gofer’ today. I took the opportunity to bring you this blog at the Senior Center, while Gwynne cooks and is in her element….Alton helping w/ the potato peeling process. That will get me out of a couple of hours of menial jobs, eh?
I passed a large moose on the side of the road on the way here, but I could not stop on the highway and I was alone. Sorry! Our pictures are limited today as we haven’t done a whole heck of a lot since last we spoke.
Yesterday, I was off the morning fishing junket because my license had expired at 5:30 a.m. Thanks to my mommy and birthday money, I was able to get one by the end of the day. Instead of fishing…..I crocheted, read part of Lone Survivor, and did some of the new puzzle we have at home.