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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 19 Aug 2007

Location: USA

MapOur diary entry comes first as we are always afraid we will lose contact once the pictures and/or videos are submitted. We fall behind in submitting the pics & videos as we have many to share of the fair, etc. and it is a weekend.....when the access to comfortable space is unavailable. YOU try doing all of this in the front seat of a car on the driver's side w/ the steering wheel acting as your support! Then trying to kill time (30+ minutes crocheting, reading, talking on the phone) while the 'pooter' sits in the same position because the electrical chord to the wall at the senior center won't allow you to put your computer elsewhere! Whew!
Yesterday, we spent some time w/ Gene in Soldotna working online at the library and doing a bit of shopping at Fred Meyer, Jo Ann's Fabrics for more yarn to finish Da's giant afghan, and Liquidation Warehouse (similar to Big Lots, but mostly stuff that has expired....not somewhere Tracy would frequent, I suspect). We have shared a few techniques on the computer to help Gene as he purchased a laptop this year and brought it up w/ him to Alaska. He spends more time on the computer w/ hundreds of pictures, organizing, printing on photography paper, labeling, and the like.....all the while as he watches old-time westerns (Bat Masterson sp?, the Rifelman, or the like). He really doesn't watch them, he just has them on for the noise and companionshp, I think. He's a hoot! We love hearing all of his stories. He should write a book.
I had fixed WW bean soup so that when we returned from Soldotna it would be well fermented in the last crock pot we have that isn't busted/broken. Everyone had two bowls. I suspect they were telling me the truth when they said they liked it or they would not have gone back for seconds. I took Gene home and proceeded to the Senior Center to try to finish what I had started at the Library in Soldotna but was so rudely interrupted by the time-limit we had.....the 60th wedding Anniversary party was still not all cleaned up and I could not get to the electrical outlet, so.......had to wait until now.
I slept in this morning and thought Alton would too. Both of his alarms went off, but he did not hear them. I awoke again later (7:30) and saw that he had gone and just then he walked in.....w/ one silver. It rained ALL night and I anticipated a crowd at our fishing hole since the fair was going on AND since it was a weekend. As it turns out, he was in the hole by himself up until 7:00 a.m. Oh well! Tomorrow and Tuesday (my last two days to fish), we are supposed to venture out w/ BJ to the same place we went on the Ninilchik River a few days is a hike getting in and out! I hurt the next day, but the scenery is awesome. I shall talk, wistle, and sing....whatever I have to do to fend off the bears. Bob is at an advantage because he runs faster than Alton or I! No fair!
We are winding down as we head out early Wednesday morning. We have a lot to think about before leaving. Fortunately, Alton stays behind to cover our tracks and pack our fish, rhubarb, and clams. We will have NO Halibut! We will probably not be able to get online at all on the ferry from Aug. 25 until late Aug. 28th. We will, however, make an effort to call from any ports as they should all be Alaska ports and hopefully will have service. We shall see.