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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 Oct 2007

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

MapWe are in the 2nd day of our trip......first day was very long w/ the wind knocking us all over the road from Boerne to Carlsbad. Once we settled in to the nice KOA in Carlsbad, we had homemade veggie soup (thank you Marmar Jane), played Rummy, and watched Marie Osmand crash on the floor of Dancing with the Stars. Debbie, I, and Gwynne beat Mom's a-- in Rummy. We told her to call 1-800-Wah-Wah! Bedtime was 9:30 (10:30 San Antonio time). We slept w/ a cotton tailed bunny rabbit living in close proximity.
We awoke to a very crisp cold morning.....not a cloud in the sky. The day warmed up nicely.....jackets still in use in the shade. We had cereal and the like for breakfast and broke camp near 9 a.m. to head out for Santa Fe. Be 11:45 we had only made it 60 miles as we found WalMart, Hobby Lobby, and Chili's in Roswell too inviting to pass up! The drive on to Santa Fe ended up being a bit longer than we anticipated, but we did not really have a schedule or a care in the world.....WE ARE RETIRED! Remember?
The KOA in Santa Fe is in a beautiful setting w/ pine trees or cropped cedars surrounding each site, making one feel that they are secluded away from others. We unpacked and had a snack (spinach soup, cheese toast, and pimento cheese w/ Wheat Thins). And then it was off to the casinos! OR SO WE THOUGHT! Just like we remembered it, Santa Fe's signage and road infa-structure is not easy to figure out. It would have been okay if we would not have listened to the instructions from the camp host! We got lost much of the time, but ended up spending 1 1/2 hours at Camel Rock Casino north of town, when we had intended to visit Cities of Gold Casino. Oh well. We will save that for another day. Jane came out ahead $225. Everyone else broke even or lost $20.
It is past our bed times, but we promised a note on our advertures. So, hope you enjoyed tuning in. Tomorrow we hope to take a city tour through the Chamber of Commerce and gamble some more!