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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Oct 2007

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

MapLeisurely arose and had coffee, showered, at cereal, and blogged!
Boy! What a day! We must have circled around the historic part of Santa Fe five or six times before deciding to drop Debbie off to go find the 'freaking' Visitor's Center (which we found out later was NOT where they said it was!). We shopped a bit while Gwynne and Marmar Jane waited in the car. The lunch at the Blue Corn Cafe, drive (yea, right!) ts o The Loretto Cathedral to catch the city tour bus, go gambling at The Cities of Gold Casino, then back to the campground to have Ruben sandwiches and play Rummy. Well.....that is exactly what we did! The city tour was very informative and aired bus/surry around the proper......San Miguel Cathedral, The Capitol, The Governor's Palace, Canyon Street (90 galleries), the housing, Museums, statues, on and on and on! Too much to discuss and few pictures to describe all that we took in!
The Blue Corn was a slight disappointment. The casino was smoke filled and all did not like the experience. We preferred Camel Rock Casino. The Ruben sandwiches were GREAT! for Rummy.....Gwynne won again!......MarMar Jane lost! But I must confess.....she is very insightful when it comes to game/card playing AND is a VERY GOOD 83 year old player!
Tomorrow, our plan is to visit Museum Hill, the Beadweaver & Milagro shops, The Santa Fe Vineyards, Chimayo, AND another casino! Until then......wish us luck!