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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Oct 2007

Location: Santa Fe to Albuquerque, USA

MapIt's great to be able to be flexible! Today didn't end up anything like what we had planned. We did, however, go to Museum Hill where we went into the Museum of Folk Art to view "Needles & Pins". The room we viewed was all about weaving, stitchery, etc.....some ancient, some more recent.....some hands-on, some hands off! This all after a great breakfast surprise by MarMar Jane......corned beef hash w/ eggs and raisin toast. We left camp to get to the museum by opening time at 10. From there, instead of heading north to the winery and Chimayo, we headed south to Albuquerque. We ate at El Pinto, a favorite stop on our Alaska route. Upon driving away from the restaurant, we saw gourds growing on a neighboring house's fence. Well, in this family, that means 'turn around and check them out'. And so we did! Debbie ended up with 4 more gourds (like she needed any?) and a few pictures of Albert "the gourd guy" who anually participated in the Roswell alien festival concocting alien sculptures out of gourds. Be sure to check out the pictures. Then we ventured off to Sandia Casino. A very nice, large, adobe style resort & casino. Debbie and I got tired of losing our money and had rather spend it on 'things'. So.....we left Mom and Gwynne at the casino and drove off to Old Town where we bought a couple of things and looked for the gourd earring vender in the square to no avail. By 4:30, we were off to pick up Mom and Gwynne at Sandia. The drive back seemed a bit shorter, although we had some traffic with the work force between Santa Fe and Albuquerque.
The evening was spent leisurely playing cards, sipping from the vino, and eating bean soup. Tonight, Mom WON! She beat Debbie by 10 points. Gwynne and I won't discuss what our scores were, was pretty high!
Tomorrow will be a day of travel, heading from Santa Fe to Fort Stockton KOA. We are hoping, since the wind has died down and we are going 'downhill', that we may save some on gas, gas stops, and, therefore, time! We shall see.