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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 Jun 2009

Location: Holbrook to North Rim

MapWoke @ 5 a.m. to a light sky, cool morning. Tracy had the pancake breakfast while others ate cereal and the like. We took time to upload pictures and blog before leaving. Consequently, we got a little bit later start than we wanted, but all worked out well. We left the KOA around 9:00 and stopped by a rock shop prior to starting the drive through Petrified Forest & Painted Desert. Sam picked up his Junior Ranger packet and we saw the orientation film before taking a short walk to view some of the petrified wood and observing some very interesting lizards. Tracy got some great pictures with her expensive camera. Be sure to check out Sam’s Planet Ranger too! We read through his booklet to see what needed to be done since we were pressed for time and picked the stops we wanted to view. We stopped at the Petroglyphs, “Newspaper Rock”, and Painted Desert overlooks for photo ops. Then we were on to the Visitor’s Center at the other end to get Sam’s badge. It was lunch time. ….. Subway at Love’s trucks top west of Holbrook. We stopped in Flagstaff at Safeway. ….. saved $13.22 using our old Safeway card, as this was the last place to buy groceries for our cookouts. Unfortunately, after we checked into the lodge at the North Rim, we found that we did not have cooking availability. We stopped at Glen Canyon bridge, over the Colorado River, where Sam, Tracy, & Gwynne braved the high bridge, walking out to the middle…..scary….took pictures and stopped at the Visitor’s Center . Sam napped while Tracy uploaded pictures with her new Zip drive. She’s impressed with the speed in which it can be done. On the long drive to the canyon, we saw about 10 miles of burned-out forest, trees still standing like sticks. We saw deer, pretty blue-colored birds, and what we thought was a Condor (popular in the area). We arrived at North Rim AFTER Visitor Center hours….no parking close to the cabins, no cooking in the cabins or around the cabins, paid porter to cart Mom, Gwynne, and all belongings to the cabin while Tracy & I & Sam carted remainder of stuff by foot…..thank God for Handicapped parking! We had to cook the steak and chicken we had planned on having, so Tracy, Sam, & I took all the makings to a nearby picnic area in the van, that overlooked the Grand Canyon and then brought back our cooked meat to the cabin. All that was missing from this good dinner was a glass of wine. But not to worry, there’s a saloon nearby. All went to bed by 10:00.