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Alaska’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Jun 2009

Location: Grand Canyon, USA

MapFor Tuesday:
Not so early to rise this a.m…….6:00. We hadn’t yet formed our agenda as all was contingent on mule ride times, ranger talks, Sammy’s likes. Sam & Tracy arranged their mule ride to begin @ 9:30, while Gwynne & I went to the General Store up the road to download pictures and post on our blog. We met up with a very nice ‘young’ man, a newspaper reporter turned vagabond outdoorsman, traveling his story. As we returned to the cabin, we planned the rest of our day with Tracy & Sam after their scary rim ride…..Visitor’s Center to get Junior Ranger packet, Way Cool Canyon interactive ranger talk at the campground amphitheater, drive & stroll on the long rim drive, cocktails at the saloon, and dinner/cookout at the picnic area. The weather was pleasant as the clouds kept the daytime heat down to a minimum, especially good when we were out on our drive & stroll. Marmar stayed behind most of the day, resting & sewing Sam’s patches on his blue-jean jacket. His Way Cool Canyon experience was properly named, in mine & Tracy’s opinion, but I think Sam had some hesitation…..most of the participants were girls and he was supposed to team up with several, two of which were Oriental and did not speak English. We all got through it and Sam was able to earn his 3rd Junior Ranger badge/patch. The drive on the rim was beautiful….through forest, lush green meadows, purple-blue lupin until we stopped at each viewpoint to look at the canyon itself…..the array of colors and expansive distances & depths cannot be captured on camera. We ventured out on a trail to a vantage point before getting hit by a HUGE gust of wind & rain….all of a sudden. We ended up running, yes running….quite a picture if anyone was going to take one of Gwynne, me, Tracy, and Sam getting back in the car in a panic. As it turns out, Tracy, Sam, & I waited for the violence to settle before taking a half-mile walk out to Angel’s Window & Cape Royal. After the drive & walk, we returned to the cabin to check on Mom and escorted her over to the Saloon, while Tracy & Sam stayed behind to upload pictures. We then gathered our cooking supplies and headed for the picnic area, Marmar in tow. She was in charge of S’Mores. We had a delicious dinner and were back to the lodge to bed by 9:30. The light in the other room, however, where Tracy was tending to uploads, remained on long past that! Except for the distance one has to travel from car to cabin to lodge, the stay here has been very pleasant…..although Marmar Jane says she hasn’t seen so many people in all her life.